Greater Vancouver
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    Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada


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    Vancouver Aquarium Accessibility Info ...

    Vancouver Aquarium Accessibility Info

    DESCRIPTION: Located in Stanley Park, the largest aquarium in Canada features outdoor displays of Killer and Beluga whales and other marine mammals. Inside exhibits contain northwest coastal life forms, a tropical gallery and an Amazon Gallery.

    PARKING: Eight designated spaces in the south end of the lot near the entrance.

    ENTRANCE: Ramped entrance is of low grade.

    INTERIOR: Outdoor exhibits through heavy doors to the left. The Arctic Canada section is very accessible with a ramp to a good viewing area. Access to the underwater viewing is through an elevator. Killer whale shows on the upper level of the Max Bell Marine Mammal Centre has seating at the back of the amphitheatre. Underwater viewing of killer whales is through a difficult and steep winding ramp, which may require assistance. Indoor exhibits are all level access and well spaced.

    WASHROOMS: Four with accessible cubicles. For easiest access use the lower level washroom at the end of the Arctic Gallery.


    See Also: Accessibility Info.

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