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Greater Vancouver and British Columbia Sasquatch ...
Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada


Greater Vancouver & BC Bigfoot ...

Greater Vancouver Bigfoot enthusiasts are lucky because the Greater Vancouver and upper Fraser Valley area's have a very long and rich history of Bigfoot sightings dating back to the 1800's ... in fact, if you count in the ancient aboriginal Sasquatch legends, Bigfoot has a history in British Columbia that dates back thousands of years.

The earliest alleged Bigfoot encounter by a White Man in western Canada was made by the famous explorer "David Thompson" ... Thompson was an explorer for the Northwest Company... he noted in his diary that during the year of 1811 he encountered large footprints in the snow around the Jasper area (near the British Columbia/Alberta border). The famous Thompson River of British Columbia is named after David Thompson. There are other BC Bigfoot reports dating back to 1800's and early 1900's; one of the most famous being the alleged capture of a small Sasquatch (nicknamed Jacko) during 1884 around Yale BC.

Within the Greater Vancouver region, reports of Bigfoot sightings have come from the following area's; the shores of Pitt Lake, the Upper Pitt River Valley, the Stave Lake area, the Harrison Lake area, Chehalis, Port Douglas, Hemlock Valley, the Chilliwack area, the Chilliwack Lake area, Sardis, Yale, Deroche, Ruby Creek, Hope, and other locations around the upper Fraser Valley.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the North American Bigfoot phenomenon is the large number of documented first-hand Bigfoot sightings by law enforcement officers... and due to the sworn oaths that police officers make, sightings by law enforcement officials cannot easily be ignored... here is just one report of many that shows a police officer talking about her own Bigfoot sighting. Recently, a trend seems to be forming where police officers are taking up the search for Bigfoot as a hobby, employing their professional investigative skills, for example; David Paulides and Harvey Pratt are putting their police skills to work at North American Bigfoot Search ... you can listen to a recent interview with David Paulides (who has over 20 years experience in law enforcement).

For the skeptics or believers; this page isn't about trying to prove whether or not Bigfoot is real ... its more about providing links to information that may stimulate your mind, stir your curiosity, and entertain you... below you'll find links primarily to what I consider to be the better Bigfoot video's from across North America ...

  • VIDEO: A&E Ancient Mysteries Bigfoot Documentary - This A&E "Ancient Mysteries" Bigfoot documentary looks into the Bigfoot phenomenon, examining the connection between the Native Indians of North America and Bigfoot. This movie is narrated by Lenord Nimoy of Star Trek fame.

  • VIDEO: Arthur C. Clarke Bigfoot Yeti Documentary - This episode from the Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World TV series ponders the possible the existence of the Bigfoot and the Yeti.

  • VIDEO: BC Bigfoot Documentary - This short documentary from the "Creepy Canada" series features alleged Bigfoot encounters and observations from Vancouver Island the mainland coast of British Columbia. Narrated by well known Bigfoot researcher and author; John Bindernagel.

  • VIDEO: Bigfoot Footprint Evidence Analysis - Scientists take the analysis of Bigfoot footprints to new scientific levels, applying modern police forensic investigative techniques to the dermal ridges, also known as fingerprints.

  • VIDEO: Bigfoot Movie: Is It Real? - This National Geographic Bigfoot documentary, called "Is It Real?" examines the Bigfoot topic and features interviews with various bigfoot researchers, believers, and skeptics... purported evidence and hoaxes are examined in-depth.

  • AUDIO-VIDEO: Bigfoot Voice and Audio Recordings - Audio-video clips allegedly of Bigfoot howls and vocalizations.

  • VIDEO: David Paulides of the Hoopa Project - David Paulides is a former police officer with over 20 years experience ... David discusses his work and a book about Bigfoot he has recently published called the "The Hoopa Project".

  • VIDEO: Dr. Jane Goodall on the Existence of Bigfoot - Primate expert Dr. Jane Goodall says she is sure that Bigfoot does exist.

  • VIDEO: Giganto; The Ancient Giant Ape, the Modern Bigfoot? - This episode from the Monster Quest TV series examines the ancient and extinct giant ape known as Gigantopithecus (or Giganto) ... and examines speculation among Bigfoot researchers that Bigfoot is actually a surviving population of Gigantopithecus.

  • VIDEO: Harley Hoffman Bigfoot Video - Little seems to be known about the origin of the Harley Hoffman film... some people feel it was hoax used to promote a commercial web site.

  • VIDEO: Ivan Marx Bigfoot Movie: "The Legend of Bigfoot" - The documentary movie made by Ivan Marx called "The Legend of Bigfoot" is widely regarded as a hoax... however, regardless of the authenticity of the Bigfoot footage, the movie contains good entertainment value due to its wildlife footage from the early 1970's.

  • VIDEO: Jacob's Bigfoot Photo's - The Jacob's creature is allegedly photographic evidence of a juvenile Sasquatch... the pictures were captured on a trail camera somewhere in Northwest Pennsylvania.

  • VIDEO: Monster Quest: Legend of Hairy Man - This episode from the Monster Quest TV series examines the connection between the modern and ancient North American Indians and the Bigfoot phenomenon.

  • VIDEO: Monster Quest: Sasquatch Attack at Snelgrove Lake - This episode from the Monster Quest TV series examines reports of an aggressive Bigfoot that allegedly inhabits the Snelgrove Lake area in the remote region of northern Ontario.

  • VIDEO: Patterson Bigfoot Film (Enhanced) - This video shows enhanced footage of the famous Patterson Bigfoot film ... what's important to notice in this video is the close-ups of the moving or jiggling flab around the waist, breasts, and lower chest of the creature.

  • VIDEO: Patterson Bigfoot Film (Original) - This is a copy of the original Patterson bigfoot film... the Patterson film is the most famous evidence of an alleged Bigfoot.

  • VIDEO: Paul Freeman Bigfoot Video - The Paul Freeman Bigfoot film is considered authentic by some, and a hoax by others... this film was shot in Washington state.

  • VIDEO: Rene Dahinden Video's - Rene Dahinden is amongst BC's most infamous Bigfoot investigators (now deceased) ... later in his life, Rene was immortalized in the Kokanee Beer commercials, which featured Rene being outsmarted by a Bigfoot.

  • VIDEO: Ruby Creek Bigfoot Incident - John Green investigates the Ruby Creek Bigfoot sighting ... Ruby Creek is located in the Northeast area of the upper Fraser valley, approx. half way between Harrison Lake and Hope BC.

  • VIDEO: Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science - This Bigfoot documentary puts alleged Bigfoot evidence up against the scrutiny of modern scientific investigative techniques.

  • VIDEO: Vancouver Island Humanoid Creature Video - Footage of a humanoid creature allegedly measuring approx. 7 feet tall, filmed in the Enchanted Forest of Tofino on Vancouver Island.

  • BC BIGFOOT LINKS: ... Prince George Sasquatch ... Sasquatch BC.


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