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    Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada


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    Greater Vancouver Boat Builders / Ship Yards ...

    This page is an online directory of Greater Vancouver Boat Building businesses, services, and related interests located within the Greater Vancouver - Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada.

    Allied Shipbuilders Ltd.
    Metro Vancouver Ship Builders and Ship Yards - Allied Shipbuilders Ltd. Allied Shipbuilders Ltd. -
    North Vancouver,
    Allied Shipbuilders Ltd. provides shipbuilding, ship repair, and engineering services to the commercial marine industry on the Pacific West Coast.

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    Bridgeview Marine
    Greater Vancouver Boat Builders - Bridgeview Marine Bridgeview Marine -
    Bridgeview Marine has been in business since 1974. The company is located on the banks of the Fraser river within view of the Alex Fraser bridge. Bridgeview Marine is a complete sales and service marine facility with every amenity that pleasure and commercial boaters could want. We manufacture and supply quality aluminum boats and provide a wide range of outboard and stern-drive marine power options.

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    Double Eagle Boats
    Greater Vancouver Boat Builders - Double Eagle Boats Double Eagle Boats -
    Double Eagle Marine Inc. is a manufacturer of general recreation, deep-V boats, ranging from 16 to 22 feet. Double Eagle is recognized to have one of the best open water hull designs in the Pacific Northwest. The vast majority of Double Eagleís built in the 60ís and 70ís are still in service today.

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    Monaro Marine
    Greater Vancouver Boat Builders - Monaro Marine Monaro Marine -
    We build boats that are meant to be used, not moored at the marina gathering bottom growth, or parked in the driveway waiting for calm water. We are told by Monaro owners and many in the marine industry that we build among the best in its class.

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    Seaspan Marine Corporation
    Greater Vancouver Ship Yard and Boat Builders - Seaspan Marine Corporation Seaspan Marine Corporation -
    Seaspan Marine Corp. is primarily involved in coastal & deepsea transportation, bunkering, ship repair & shipbuilding services. Shipyard & bunkering services are provided via affiliate companies: Marine Petrobulk Ltd., Seaspan Ferries Corporation, Vancouver Drydock Company, and Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd.

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    STXM Marine
    Greater Vancouver Boat Building and Marine Engineering Services - STXM Marine Vancouver STXM Marine -
    STXM Marine is a consulting naval architecture and marine engineering company... STXM specializes in the development of advanced technology and its application to vessel designs for both commercial and military vessels.

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