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    Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada


    Home Page ... > Site Directory ... > Tax Protests ...

    Greater Vancouver Tax Protests ...

    This page is an online directory of Greater Vancouver Tax Protest efforts, initiatives, and related interests located within the Greater Vancouver - Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada.

    Axe The Gas Tax

    Metro Vancouver Tax Protest - Axe The Gas Tax Axe The Gas Tax -
    Metro Vancouver,
    Sick and tired of being gouged at the Gas Pump? ... Axe The Gas Tax.

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    Greater Vancouver Tax Protest: -
    The new Harmonized Sales Tax will cost everyone more: students, workers, pensioners, young, old and you. All of us will end up paying more tax on all the items listed on our web site. Will you be the bag-holder for Govt. overspending and their favorite corporate bail-outs?.

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    Don't Tax My TV

    Greater Vancouver Tax Protest: Don't Tax My TV Don't Tax My TV -
    Broadcasters; specifically CTV and Global - have been asking the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (the CRTC) to tax cable and satellite customers to subsidize their outdated business models ... sign the petition and make your voice heard.

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    Drive Out The Tax

    Metro Vancouver Tax - Translink Parking Tax Drive Out The Tax -
    Metro Vancouver,
    Metro Vancouver's Translink just increased parking taxes by 200% ... anytime a business or Govt. increases fees by 200% at a single time; it's a sure sign of major financial mismanagement. The new tax means you're going to pay up to $540 more a year plus HST with no increase in service from Translink.

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    Facebook Group: NO BC HST

    Greater Vancouver Tax Protest: Facebook Group: NO BC HST Facebook Group: NO BC HST -
    The BC Liberal government's proposed HST - Harmonized Sales Tax - will mean huge tax increases on consumer goods and services - from haircuts and restaurant meals to new homes. Ordinary British Columbians are being set-up to pay for the a tax shift of $1.9 billion from big business.

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    Fight HST with Bill Vander Zalm

    Greater Metro Vancouver Tax Protest - Fight HST with Bill Vander Zalm Fight HST with Bill Vander Zalm -
    Join Bill Vander Zalm and fight back against the hideous HST tax. The HST will add an additional 7% to dozens of items that were previously exempt. Volunteer Today, and help keep irresponsible politicians out of your pocket.

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    No Meal Tax

    Greater Vancouver Tax Protest: No Meal Tax No Meal Tax -
    Speak out against the new meal tax or you'll be paying 12% on your bill for every bite at restaurants. That's 7% tax on top of the 5% you already pay. We're talking on everything; even coffee or take out pizza. Thousands of restaurant jobs could go down the drain as well. So petition your MLA or MP and get involved.

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    Say No to HST in BC

    Greater Vancouver Tax Protest: Say No to HST in BC Say No to HST in BC -
    If the BC Liberal Government implements the new HST tax beginning on July 1 2010, the HST will disproportionately impact lower income earners harder because far more of their limited income will be spent paying the now extra 7% tax.

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    Stop HST

    Greater Vancouver Tax Protest: Stop HST Stop HST -
    Make your voice heard during the everyday commute and join the masses rallying against the Harmonized Sales Tax in British Columbia. Do your part to help raise awareness with the "Stop HST" Window Decal.

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