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    Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada


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    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts ...

    This page is an online directory of Greater Vancouver Martial Arts businesses, services, and related interests located within the Greater Vancouver - Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada.

    Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby -
    Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby is a martial arts school for the whole family. Head instructor is Robert Mustard, a 6th Dan in Aikido Yoshinkai. Learn powerful defensive techniques in a strictly focused, yet supportive and friendly environment.

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    Bushido Martial Arts Supply
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Bushido Martial Arts Supply Bushido Martial Arts Supply -
    Bushido Martial Arts and Fight Gear Supply is one of Western Canada's largest martial arts equipment suppliers. Bushido specializes in training equipment, weapons, belts, uniforms, sparring and boxing gear, apparel books and dvd's for most disciplines of martial arts and combat sports including Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jui Jitsu, MMA and Wrestling.

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    Dragon Temple Martial Arts
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Dragon Temple Martial Arts Dragon Temple Martial Arts -
    Dragon Temple Martial Arts offers combination of effective Martial Arts styles, including; Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, and Grappling.

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    Dragon's Den Martial Arts
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Dragon's Den Martial Arts Dragon's Den Martial Arts -
    White Rock - South Surrey,
    The Dragon's Den is open to serve the community of South Surrey/White Rock... we offer certified instruction in PRO Tae Kwon Do, Sport Jiu Jitsu, Pankration, Kickboxing, Olympic Boxing and self defense training.

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    Gracie Barra Vancouver Jiu-Jitsu
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Gracie Barra Vancouver Jiu-Jitsu Gracie Barra Vancouver Jiu-Jitsu -
    At Gracie Barra Vancouver Jiu-Jitsu we offer world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction for individuals and families, Our school is for everyone who is looking to get in shape, learn self defense, and improve the overall quality of their lives. In addition, our family-oriented environment is a perfect place to teach your children to feel safe everyday not only when they are at school or outside playing, but also in developing their self-confidence and self discipline.

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    Karate BC
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Karate BC Karate BC -
    Through its programs and leadership, Karate BC, in cooperation with its affiliates, supports the development of karate and the aspirations of its members by offering opportunities and setting procedures, standards and policies, and promotes the traditions and integrity of karate-do.

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    Kees Tae Kwon Do
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Kees Tae Kwon Do Kees Tae Kwon Do -
    Kees Tae Kwon Do classes are fun and challenging. Students improve their physical fitness, mental focus and character development. Programs are designed to meet individual needs and interests at every age and fitness level.

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    Kuenway Martial Arts Supplies
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Kuenway Martial Arts Supplies Kuenway Martial Arts Supplies -
    We offer wholesale & retail Martial Arts weapons, equipments, books, video's, uniforms, and more.

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    Mikado Martial Arts Supplies
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Mikado Martial Arts Supplies Mikado Martial Arts Supplies -
    Mikado's carries a large selection of Martial Arts supplies. If there is a specific item that is not listed on our web site, please contact us to see if we can get it for you.

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    Mountain Coast Aikikai
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Mountain Coast Aikikai Mountain Coast Aikikai -
    Mountain Coast Aikikai is dedicated to the instruction, study and practice of the martial art of Aikido, as transmitted by the senior direct disciples of Aikido Founder, Master Morihei Ueshiba. The school offers a dynamic, knowledgeable, positive and safe environment for the study of Aikido. Instruction is provided at all levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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    Vancouver Ki Society
    Greater Vancouver Martial Arts: Vancouver Ki Society Vancouver Ki Society -
    The Vancouver Ki Society is a non-profit educational service organization established in 1985 to spread Ki Principles, Kiatsu and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido as taught by Master Koichi Tohei. The Vancouver Ki Society is affiliated with the Northwest Ki Federation, headed by Calvin Tabata Sensei, and the Ki Society International.

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