Greater Vancouver
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    Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada


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    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video ...

    This page is an online directory of Greater Vancouver Movies & Video businesses, services, and related interests located within the Greater Vancouver - Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada.

    Action Talent
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Action Talent Action Talent -
    Action Talent serves to provide the highest caliber of sports performers to the television, film and advertising industries. We can provide top quality talent in a surprisingly wide field of action sports and recreational activities. From snowboarders to bull-riders, fly-fishers to stunt drivers, gymnasts to ice climbers, and more.

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    British Columbia Film Commission
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: British Columbia Film Commission British Columbia Film Commission -
    British Columbia has the talent, energy and heart to meet your motion picture needs – and the tools that will help bring it in on budget and on time. BC's position as one of the largest centres for production in North America is built on our reputation for responsive service and cost-competitiveness.

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    Can Am Importique Movie-set Decor
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Can Am Importique Movie-set Decor Can Am Importique Movie-set Decor -
    Can Am Importique has a 45,000 sq ft. architectural movie prop showroom with all products for sale or rent. Unique props for television, feature films, commercials, music videos, conventions, special events, theme parties and weddings.

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    Cinema Clock Movie Guide
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Cinema Clock Movie Guide Cinema Clock Movie Guide -
    Greater Vancouver,
    An online guide to the movies playing near you.

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    CN Imax
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: CN Imax CN Imax -
    Treat your senses to the most powerful and involving movie experience yet created. Our academy award winning IMAX technology brings images to life like no other.

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    CTM International
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: CTM International CTM International -
    CTM International is a full service, licensed Talent Agency based in Vancouver. We represent actors of all ages and ethnicity for films, television and commercials. In addition to a focused principal roster, CTM International represents a large commercial base and background performers offering choice and versatility to any project.

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    Eclipse Productions
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Eclipse Productions Eclipse Productions -
    Eclipse Production & Design specializes in innovative designs for television, and sets and staging for corporate events and special events.

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    Famous Players Theatres
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Famous Players Theatres Famous Players Theatres -
    Greater Vancouver,
    Famous Players is one of Canada's top theatre chains. Internationally recognized for its superior technology and innovation in theatre design and guest services, the company operates hundred's of theatre screens across the country.

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    Frantic Films
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Frantic Films Frantic Films -
    Visual effects. Live-Action, Commercials. Frantic Films has assembled some of North America's most creative and talented minds to produce award-winning projects for feature film, television, and multi-media.

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    Internet Movie Database
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Internet Movie Database Internet Movie Database -
    One of the largest databases on movies on the internet. Can't remember the name of that movie... find it on the Internet Movie Database web site.

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    Lionsgate Films
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Lionsgate Films Lionsgate Films -
    Lionsgate Films is one of the premier independent producers and distributors of motion pictures, television programming, home entertainment, family entertainment and video-on-demand content. The Lionsgate brand name is synonymous with original, daring, quality entertainment in markets around the globe.

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    North Shore Studios and Mammoth Studios
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: North Shore Studios and Mammoth Studios North Shore Studios and Mammoth Studios -
    North Vancouver,
    North Shore Studios and Mammoth Studios are state-of-the-art film production studios.

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    Pacific Backlot Services
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Pacific Backlot Services Pacific Backlot Services -
    Pacific Backlot’s wide range of services and equipment are conveniently located on the Vancouver Film Studio lot to serve your urgent production needs. The priority at Pacific Backlot is to deliver top-notch service and equipment.

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    Rialto Theatres
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Rialto Theatres Rialto Theatres -
    White Rock - South Surrey,
    Rialto/Criterion Theatres operates 2 theatres in the White Rock/South Surrey area.

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    Vancouver Film Studios
    Greater Vancouver Movies & Video: Vancouver Film Studios Vancouver Film Studios -
    With our state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled location, Vancouver Film Studios is a top choice for discerning motion picture professionals. Since our major expansion in 1999, our name has become synonymous with top quality facilities and excellent customer service.

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