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    GVRD.COM Premium Listing Info ...
    Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada


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    GVRD.COM Premium Listing Info ...


    Premium Listings offer several advantages over a Free Link exchange;
    • Premium Listings are placed in a "category specific" page containing "relevant content listings" only.

    • Premium Listings receive longer descriptions - up to 50 words ... while Free Links only get a basic 15 word description.

    • Premium Listings receive a graphic thumbnail image linked directly to your site ... while Free Links get no associated image,

    • Premium Listings receive 2 headlines/titles - making it easier to see your web site while perusing the directory page ... while Free Links only get 1 small headline/title,

    • Premium Listings get priority treatment & are added quickly to the directory (within 72 hours) ... while Free Links can take up to 60 days to be added,

    • Premium Listings are not required to link-back to GVRD.COM (saving you time & money) ... while Free Links must link back to GVRD.COM.

    Our Premium Listing service is affordable;

    The Premium Listing service is $49.95 per year - which is barely enough to cover the of paying someone to create your listing and mange your account ... payment is easily made on a Secure Server via PayPal; which accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

    Send us your info for a Premium Listing:

    Email us the following info about your web site ...
    NOTE: You can simply "Copy & Paste" the following 5 items into your email...
    just simply overwrite my existing italic descriptions ...


    * TITLE: Your "title or headline" can be up 7 words long... corporations and businesses should use their company name as the title.

    * DESCRIPTION: Your description can be up 50 words long. No references to being "#1", "the biggest" or "the best" is allowed because we cannot verify such statements. Descriptions to display reasonable grammar; IE: don't capitalize every word, please exclude exclamation marks.

    * WEB ADDRESS: We need to know the web address for your listing... you can use sub-directories within your web site if there's a product or service within your web site you'd like send readers directly too.

    * CITY ADDRESS: We need to know which city your business, service, or web site is located in. If your business has multiple locations around the Greater Vancouver area, you can list your city as "Greater Vancouver" or "Multiple Locations in Greater Vancouver".

    * CATEGORY: We need to know which category you want your web site displayed in ... you can review the various categories listed on our site directory.


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