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    Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada


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    Greater Vancouver Wildlife Rescue ...

    This page is an online directory of Greater Vancouver Wildlife Rescue services and related interests located within the Greater Vancouver - Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada.

    See also: Pets & Animals.

    Critter Care Wildlife Society
    Greater Vancouver Wildlife Rescue by the Critter Care Wildlife Society Critter Care Wildlife Society -
    The Critter Care Wildlife Society provides short and long-term care to native mammal species, and through rehabilitation and education, we help prevent the suffering of injured and orphaned wildlife.

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    Marine Mammal Rescue Facility
    Greater Vancouver Wildlife Rescue by the Marine Mammal Rescue Facility Marine Mammal Rescue Facility -
    The Marine Mammal Rescue Facility (an Ocean wise initiative) is one of the largest rescue facilities in the world - rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing over 150 marine mammals each year.

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    Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL)
    Fraser Valley Wildlife Rescue by the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL) Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL) -
    The Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society is a non-profit organization whose volunteers are dedicated to public education and the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned birds. OWL became a Society in January 1985. OWL is on call seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

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    Lower mainland Wildlife Rescue by the  SPCA SPCA -
    Greater Vancouver,
    The SPCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in British Columbia... the SPCA has locations throughout the GVRD and BC.

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    Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue
    Lower mainland Wildlife Rescue by the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue -
    Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue is a group of devoted animal lovers based in Vancouver. We are dedicated to placing abandoned and orphaned kittens in secure loving indoor homes.

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    Wildlife Rescue Association of BC
    Metro Vancouver Wildlife Rescue by the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC Wildlife Rescue Association of BC -
    The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC provides leadership in the care and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned and pollution damaged wildlife, primarily in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It is also committed to raising public awareness of, and respect for, wildlife and the issues affecting them in the urban environment.

    Featured YouTube Video's .....

    Hope for Paws YouTube Channel
    Hope for Paws YouTube Channel Hope for Paws YouTube Channel -
    Hope for Paws was established to help animals who suffer and die every year from abuse and neglect.

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